It's Your Party: Creative Bar/Bat Mitzvah Themes

It's Your Party: Creative Bar/Bat Mitzvah Themes

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Bar/bat mitzvah gatherings signify the coming of age for Jewish boys and girls. Traditionally, boys celebrate this rite of passage at the age of 13 while girls can celebrate at age 12 for Conservative or Orthodox Jews, or 13 for those that observe Reform Judaism. The bar/bat mitzvah is held on the first Shabbat (day of rest) following either the 12th (for boys) or 13th (for girls) birthday. A bar/bat mitzvah coincides with the arrival of physical puberty and is a time for families, friends and the religious community to gather together in celebration. Make this experience truly unforgettable by hosting a creative and unique bar/bat mitzvah.

Hollywood Glamor
Roll out the red carpet for the guest of honor and throw a party worthy of celebrities. Find an indoor venue and set it up to look like a fabulous Hollywood after party, complete with a red carpet. Give the bar/bat mitzvah an authentic Hollywood feel and have other attendees (parents or older family members) snap photographs of the guests on the red carpet as they arrive. Hang a backdrop that features the name of the teenager you are honoring for the guests to pose in front of. To create a luxurious, intimate feel, use plenty of candle light and keep the overhead lights dimmed. Prepare swag bags to give guests that include a bag of popcorn, a voucher for the local movie theater and mock Oscar statue to make each guest feel like a star.

Take a trip to the tropics with a beach or luau themed bar/bat mitzvah. Place fake palm trees near the entrance of your venue to greet guests and if you are hosting a luau, be sure to meet guests with a lei. For a regular beach themed party, hand out sunglasses or visors to shield guests from the sun. Serve tropical juice mixes from coconuts complete with fresh fruit and paper umbrella garnishes to add to the relaxed beach atmosphere. Using bright colors to decorate your venue, complete the island transformation with the beauty of fresh flowers like hibiscus. Decorate tables with jars full of sand and seashells or make the centerpieces functional and arrange fresh fruit skewers on the table for guests to grab. Send guests home with beach bags filled with a beach ball, flip flops and a personalized lip balm for sun protection.

Create a bar/bat mitzvah fit for an MVP and use your favorite sport as the theme. Some general ideas for decorating a sports themed bar/bat mitzvah include transforming your venue into a replica arena of your favorite sport. For instance, use tape to create floor markings from a basketball court or find artificial turf and create a football field. Fill a cylindrical glass container with tennis or golf balls and hang personal jerseys around the room. Prepare a parting gift that includes a voucher for a round of miniature golf or bowling, a giant foam finger and a cookie in the shape of something that represents your sport. For instance, a round cookie can be easily decorated to resemble a tennis ball, volleyball or basketball while a diamond shape could represent the different plates in baseball.

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