Mother of the Bride Style Tips

Mother of the Bride Style Tips

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While it’s not your big day, it is your daughter’s very, very big day, and that means that you should be looking your best! Here are our top tips for what to wear for your daughter’s special day.

Color is your friend

Bright colors in mother of the bride styling show off just how happy you are to be a part of your daughter’s wedding. Beam bright in your favorite hue and step out in something colorful that you may not normally wear – now is the time to really go for it.

Mother of the brides that are a bit more hesitant should choose pastels, from light to deep. The best advice is to stay away from monochrome and definitely no white or cream colors, unless the wedding dress is an unusual color, in which case it may well be appropriate!

Want to wear a hat? Wear a hat!

You’ll often see that mother of the brides are dressed in a hat, whereas it’s not a common choice particularly for other guests at a wedding. This is great news if you’re a big fan of hats! Be sure to choose a hat that is a similar color as the dress, be it small or large. Often hats for mother of the bride are adorned with a floral flourish which can really tie in with the romantic theme of the day.

A matching shrug is a good choice

Is it a sin to show too much skin? Perhaps, if you are the mother of the bride. You don’t want the attention to be on you all day, after all. If you like a low neckline, strapless, or showing a lot of back, then a good way to work this in a demure fashion is by adding a shrug. Shrugs come in many different shapes and sizes, be it a tiny cap sleeve, or even something that goes down to your elbows. Look out for dresses that have matching shrug combinations if you decide on going down this route, for an easier selection.

Choose a sensible shoe

While there are occasions where it is okay to kick your heels off after being in them all day, your daughter’s wedding probably isn’t one of them. Make should that you purchase sensible (but nice looking) shoes for the occasion and wear them in beforehand, to ensure you’ll able to stay in them all day long without getting sore or blisters. The other alternative is to take a pair of fold up ballet flats (that match your outfit of course) in your purse for later on.

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