Our Favorite Summer Wedding Color Themes

Our Favorite Summer Wedding Color Themes

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Planning a summer wedding? Lucky you! New Jersey is absolutely stunning in the summertime, and your day is poised for beautiful weather. Once you’ve put in place some tentative decisions, then it’s time to start getting creative and thinking about your summer wedding color schemes.

Setting the color scheme early for your wedding will help you making some pretty major decisions along the way, such as napkins and tablecloths, flower arrangements, dresses, and corsages. Once you’ve finalized your color scheme it can make these sort of touches much easier to decide on.

So, today, we take a look at some of our favorite summer wedding color themes, that should help get your creative juices flowing.

The Girly Wedding: Blush Pink Palette

blush pink palette.jpg

Fancy yourself a girly-girl? Then you’ve probably had pink for your wedding color scheme in the back of your head for some time now. For the blush pink palette, make sure not to go to bold and brash with your pinks – think blush, soft pinks instead of bright and in your face pink. Pair with bright white for the best contrasting effects.

The Sea-Feel Wedding: Turquoise and Salmon Palette

turquoise and salmon palette.jpg

If you’re more of a sea baby, but not quite enough to have your summer wedding seaside, then picking out a sea themed wedding color theme is your next best effort. Think tropical islands and coral when it comes to your summer wedding colors, with turquoise and salmon pink, combined with flashes of brilliant white.

The Spring Nod Wedding: Peaches and Cream Palette

peaches and cream palette.jpg

Popular at the moment is this beautiful, bright, and airy color combo of peaches and cream. Much like the dessert of the same name, this scheme is sweet and appealing to all. It’s a nod to spring and to vintage styling as well, so it can work well if you have a vintage feel to your wedding, too.

The China White: Powder Blue and White Palette

powder blue and white palette.jpg

Do you love the look of fine blue and white china? Then why not make it your summer wedding color scheme? You can pick up tablecloths that mimic the look of this china, with intricate patterns on them, tie in a similar color with bridesmaid dresses, and more. It’s classic, and yet fresh and crisp, all at the same time.

At Il Tulipano we can help you to cater to any wedding color scheme that you dream possible. Our team of professionals can help to pick out the best spots in our venue to make your wedding one of the highlights of your life.

We cater to all types of weddings and wedding groups and have a range of spaces, including indoor ballrooms, outdoor gardens, and paved terraces to choose from. Have a browse through our gallery for some wedding inspiration, and if you are interested in coming in to view our venue for your big day, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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