Plan a Fashion Forward Wedding with the Pantone Colors of the Year

Plan a Fashion Forward Wedding with the Pantone Colors of the Year

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For the first time ever, Pantone has chosen two colors -- rose quartz ( a soft rose) and serenity (a light cornflower blue) as their “colors of the year.” The color of the year choice is supposed to reflect ascending color trends and tie into broader cultural influences. By choosing the pantone shades as your wedding color scheme, you can be sure to have an eye-catching theme that evokes the feeling of a dreamy, romantic world.

How can you incorporate these two shades into your 2016 wedding? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Serenity: That Something Blue

Delicate blues tend to be easy to incorporate into an existing wedding outfit because they blend well with shades already present; your antique white dress, for example, will be complemented by a well chosen blue bracelet. Here are a few ways you can incorporate a little serenity into your wedding wardrobe:

  • Bridal footwear. Check out this collection of blue bridal shoes on Pinterest for inspiration. Alternatively, Brides recommends adding a splash of color to your white heels with blue shoe clips.

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  • An eye catching ring. Your engagement ring doesn’t need to be your only hand bling -- why not try out a beautiful topaz ring for the occasion?

  • Your manicure. Your nails will look lovely with either of these colors, and handily enough, Sephora sells a kit that has both Pantone shades.

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Serenity & Rose Quartz: Wedding Decor Power Duo

Beautiful alone but stronger together, there are numerous ways you can combine these shades to make your table settings and banquet hall truly stunning. Here are a few ideas:

  • Centerpieces. Bridal Guide has a list of 25 impressive, non traditional wedding centerpieces. Succulents, which come in a variety of paler colors, are one option. Also worth checking out: this light blue and rose literary centerpiece, perfect for the book loving couple.



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Delicate Flavors: Color Schemed Food

While you may not want your roast to be a beautiful shade of light blue, there are numerous ways you can incorporate the Pantone duo into your meal planning -- especially when it comes to the desserts.

Picture 16.png

  • Your wedding cake is an obvious choice for rose quartz and serenity. Il Tulipano can create a completely custom cake for the occasion.


Pantone’s annual chosen color will change year by year, but with these tips, everyone will remember your wedding as a dreamy and elegant affair long into the future.



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