Pros and Cons of a Spring Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Spring Wedding

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Spring WeddingWhen it comes to wedding planning, one concept is universal: your wedding should be unique and memorable. Seasonal choices for a wedding date can make all the difference. If you are exploring spring as an option for an outdoor wedding, here are some things to consider:

• You will have a natural backdrop of spring flowers and song birds to make for a beautiful setting on your wedding day.
• If the weather is sunny on your big day, you won't need to work around extra lighting. The sun serves as the ideal lighting for your photos.
• Spring weddings allow for a variety of options available to you. Venues may even be booked at discounted prices.
• Many fruits and vegetables come into season in the spring time. You will surely have a fresh and fantastic dinner served at your wedding for a reasonable price.
• Venues are difficult to book in a jam-packed summer schedule but a spring wedding may be easier to reserve. Avoid the busy season wedding rush, and book your wedding in the spring time where you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape of the venue.

• During the spring months, the weather may be unpredictable. A bride and groom's worst nightmare is a rainy wedding. This is difficult to avoid, especially when your date is already set.
• The outdoors can be dreadful for people with allergies. Spring time in particular is hay fever season. You won't be able to control the outdoor pollen or other allergens floating around. This may lead to some unhappy guests.
• If you have friends or family who don't live nearby, some may not be able to take time off of work or school to attend your wedding in the spring. Most people typically take vacation days in the summer.
• While the spring is not high season for a wedding, it is still considered an ideal time to tie the knot. Therefore, discounts are not always available.
• Depending on the weather, additional parts like tents and umbrellas may add on to your expenses.

A spring wedding can either be a stunning and cherished memory, or it may not be as glorious as one would imagine. If you are considering a spring wedding, contact a professional and discuss the options available to you. A wedding planner will be able to work with you to insure that the above risks will not affect your wedding.


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