Save the Date Inspiration

Save the Date Inspiration

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Once upon a time, there was simply the RSVP before the wedding. Now, we’ve got the placeholder – the ‘save the date’ – to ensure that our most loved family and friends are able to join with us on the most special of days, our wedding day. The save the date is now a customary ‘invite’ that simply says to our loved ones to not make plans (if they can) so they can join in on our wedding date.

Since we live in a time where people are often jetsetting all over the world, save the dates are usually sent about 6 months in advance (and even further in advance for destination weddings) to let your friends and family know to avoid travel plans for that day.

Want to know some cool ways to send out this placeholder that’s not just an embossed card in the mail? We’ve got you.

The pencil (for pencilling us in!)

A supremely cute way of telling your loved ones to save the date is to send a pencil along with your invite, telling the recipient to “pencil us in”. You might like to engrave your (short) pencils with both of your names to make it even more special. It’s a way to get people thinking of you months before their wedding date.

Save the date magnets

Where does everyone look multiple times per day? The fridge, that’s where! So what better way to remind people about your upcoming nuptials than to make your save the date into a colorful, glossy magnet, for everyone to stick on the fridge? This is one of our favorite ways to send out a save the date. Magnets won’t cost you a fortune, either.

Cinema tickets

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? The save the date cinema tickets are a great way to proclaim your wedding date ahead of time. You can even make up a cute title for your wedding, and include any extra needed details on it if you wish. Make a perforated edge to ensure it looks like the real deal! The alternative to the cinema ticket (especially if it’s a destination wedding) is to use a boarding pass design instead.

Drink coasters

If you and your beloved are known for having a drink, from time to time, you might like to make your save the dates into wooden coasters. Not only are they a good looking placeholder, they can also be highly functional in your guests’ homes. We like that your guests will be reminded of your wedding date when they reach for their glass.

If you’d like to know more tips about save the dates, RSVPs, or any more wedding incidentals, come and ask us! With one of the most beautiful wedding facilities in the New Jersey area, we are well known for holding some of the most desirable weddings around. Contact us to come and view our facility or ask about our stunning wedding packages. We are here to help you to have the wedding that you always dreamed of.

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