Summer Wedding Dress Styles

Summer Wedding Dress Styles

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The heat is on! If you’re planning a summer wedding, then it can be tricky coming up with the perfect wedding dress for the occasion. Many dresses are made of heavy, fairly stiff materials, that don’t breathe so well. While this isn’t an issue in winter, or when it’s cooler, it can send you into quite a sweat in the summertime.

The key to summer wedding dress styles is making sure that you remain as cool, calm, and collected as possible. Try out these 4 styles for size…

The knee length

While knee length dresses aren’t exactly the obvious choice for a wedding gown, they can be absolutely gorgeous, and cool for the summer too. Knee length wedding dresses can be an A line design for a fun, young, and flirty look. They’re absolute perfect if you’re having a garden wedding. If you’d like to keep it a little more traditional, you might opt for a wedding dress in a pencil skirt design to the knees. You still get the breeze, however it’s leaning more towards that traditional-style.

Layered dress

If you’re wanting the comfort of a knee length dress, but the styling of a floor length affair, then the layered dress may be for you. Think about a traditional style of gown, but with a soft, floaty, breathable layer from the knees (or above the knee) down to your toes. This style of gown really is the best of both worlds for a summer wedding. If you can’t find the ideal dress, you might like to alter a floor length gown or knee length gown to suit.

Lace / sheer

Another option is to go with an overall lace or sheer dress. This type of dress is very popular at the moment, even for street wear. Make it more elegant by going for full length but with lace or mesh holes to breathe. There are many modern takes on the traditional lace design that we’ve seen coming down the bridal runways recently. Just make sure that you wear an appropriate slip underneath, or that the gown comes with one sewn in.

Simple and elegant

If you want a wedding dress that you’d wear in winter, but you’re worried about the bulk, then you need to find a simple design that is made from breathable fabric, has a thin lining and outer shell, and doesn’t contain any padding or boning. Look for lightweight dresses in the shape that will suit your figure the best without wearing any shapewear underneath – so you’ll stay cool all wedding long.

If you are looking for the perfect summer wedding venue to go along with your dress, Il Tulipano is a brilliant destination. With plenty of glamorous indoor and lush outdoor settings, you can hold your wedding on our grounds knowing you’ll have the most gorgeous surrounds and beautiful pictures. Come and visit our venue to see whether it’s the right place to make all your dreams come true.

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