The Day before the Big Day

The Day before the Big Day

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Planning a wedding isn't the easiest task. There are tons of details that need to be planned in a short amount of time: choose a venue, pick flowers, choose course dishes, and find the perfect name a few. It is a long process that may cause you to lose your head at first, but taking the day before your wedding to focus on yourself will put you at ease just in time to say "I do."

Here are five tips for the day before the big day to ensure that cold feet and stress won't even come close to clouding your brain during your wedding:

Get Your Nails Done: The best way to show off your beautiful ring? With a perfect manicure to go along with it! Don't forget about a pedicure to match! The mani and pedi are vital on your wedding day so it's important to schedule your appointment the day before your wedding to avoid chips and runs. A trip to the salon is a great way to pamper yourself the day before your wedding and the endless nail ideas to choose from will make it so much fun as well!

Wedding Nail Art

Try Out Hot Yoga: Yoga itself is known to leave positive effects on blood pressure, stress level, and overall mood. Throw in a hot room and you have more health benefits that will certainly put you on cloud nine just in time for your wedding! Because most hot yoga classes consist of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, focus is an adamant part of the class. As long as you are truly willing to fully engage yourself, you'll leave completely clear-minded to take on your big day. Embrace the serenity, breathe, and relax.

Try out Hot Yoga before your Wedding

Stay Away from Drinking: It's hard to tell someone not to drink the day before their wedding, especially when there's a rehearsal dinner to get through, but if you want beautiful pictures this is important! Alcohol has immediate effects that will make you feel and look puffy, but it will also dilate your blood vessels creating skin redness. Instead of reaching for that glass of wine, try replacing it with a homemade fruit smoothie. 

Hint: The higher in antioxidants, the better! 

Put Together an Emergency Kit: As much as we all want our big day to be absolutely perfect, there is a possibility that things could get a little rocky. Make sure you avoid these minor bumps completely with an emergency kit! A rip or a smudge on your dress will be no big deal with the mini sewing kit and chalk that you have by your side.

Emergency Kit for Your wedding day

Get a Good Night's Sleep: It's understandable that you're excited and may be going through last minute details in your head, but getting a good night's sleep is crucial before the big day. Quality rest will guarantee you won't have bags under your eyes, puffy skin, or anything else that can make you feel less than beautiful on your wedding day.

Beauty sleep the night before your wedding

And most importantly... Don't stress! It's your big day!


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