The Funniest Wedding Ecards

The Funniest Wedding Ecards

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The day you get married should be one of the happiest moments your life, but all the planning can get a bit too hectic or even turn you into a bridezilla. Perhaps that's why funny wedding e-cards like the following were created in the first place.

RSVP, Please?!

Weddings are expensive, which is why couples ask their guests to RSVP by a specific date. This ensures plates and drinks for everyone. Of course, some people always seem to show up without RSVPing, or even bring unexpected guests. Wouldn't you love to send an e-card with a witty message thanking your "guests" for showing up without sending that self-addressed, stamped envelope back to you?

Wedding Ecard 2

Registry Surprise

For many people, it's more convenient to add a registry URL right to their wedding invitations. If your guests don't know you well or aren't sure what you need, they can head to the store and pick something they know you'll love. Still, it negates the element of surprise, when you know exactly what you're getting from Pops. You can always thank people for your "pre-selected gifts" because you won't have to return them!

Wedding Ecard 3

No-Gift Guest

Everyone loves a wedding, but not everyone has the money to buy gifts, pay for travel and get a new dress. It's unfortunate when someone doesn't have the money or, even worse, forgets a gift. They're just hoping that you won't notice the absence of presents amidst all the excitement and other gifts. If you do happen to notice, hopefully you'll understand.

Wedding Ecard 4

No-Show Thank You

We all have frenemies, those friends that we love to hate but just can't seem to ditch. You might feel obligated to extend a wedding invitation to someone that you really don't want to be there. Chances are, this person doesn't want to go to your wedding either, so when they ditch, everyone feels a sense of relief. There should be a card for this. Oh wait, now there is!

Wedding Ecard 6

No You, No Wedding

On the other hand, sometimes there are people you love so much that you couldn't possibly imagine your wedding without them, no matter how much your parents or fiancé dislike this person. For them, a card that explains your feelings might read something like "I'd invite you to my wedding even if you beat my mom in a presidential election."

Wedding Ecard 7

No one would send out cards like these after their big day, but it's funny to think about or possible send over to a few of your close friends!

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