The Top 10 Items for Your Wedding Registry

The Top 10 Items for Your Wedding Registry

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The big day is right around the corner, and while you're planning for the dance and the honeymoon, you can't forget to register for the items you will need when you start your new life together. These top 10 items for your wedding registry are practical gifts that will last you many years and fill your home with all you'll need to entertain family and friends as a couple.


A good set of silverware is essential to any dinnerware set. Make sure you register for flatware made of stainless steel as these are sturdy and will last a lifetime. You may want to consider registering for two different sets of flatware so you can have one for every day use and another to use with your fine china.


A decent set of knives can often define a kitchen. The trick is to register for separate knives individually instead of choosing one block set. This will help keep the price down for your guests and will allow you to build a unique collection through your close friends and family.

Baking Pans

In this new stage of your life, new bake ware should be a necessity. College dorms are the place for old cookie sheets, so be sure you are adding brand new muffin pans, mixing bowls, and casserole dishes to your registry. Choose pieces you will use every day and then ask for two of each to save yourself on dishwashing.


A nice mixer is a worthy investment for a new home and a new life. It's something you'll find yourself using for every day cooking, baking special sweets, or for cooking special meals for guests. Ask for multiple brands with different prices to give your guests something to work with.


Another practical gift, your wedding registry is the place to ask for the top-of-the line vacuum cleaner and/or steam cleaner. Guests are anxious to buy gifts that young couples need and will use, and a vacuum cleaner is the perfect item.

Lawn & Garden

Outdoor items like lawn mowers, edgers, leaf blowers, and snow blowers are expensive, practical items that many people overlook as they're putting together their registry. If you're getting married in spring, you may not be thinking of the snowstorms of December, but that doesn't mean it won't be something you'll need during the winter months. Think of your home and the weather elements and decide on items that will be most useful for you.

New Furniture

It may seem ridiculous to ask for big-ticket items such as these, but parents and grandparents may be looking for something to spoil you with on your big day. And if you are in the market for a new home, you won't want it to be empty. Couches, chairs, dining room tables, end tables, and desk are all practical items you shouldn't be afraid to ask for.

Digital Camera

Fun and practical, a camera makes the perfect gift. People are going to be asking for pictures of your wedding day, your honeymoon, and your first year together, so it will be easier to ask for that top-of-the-line camera on your registry rather than splurge on it yourselves.

Tool Box

Every home needs a general toolbox, complete with hammer, screw driver, wrench, and flashlight. You'll need something that will help you hang pictures, build furniture, and fix leaky faucets, and a new tool box fits the bill.

Gift Cards

Be sure to provide your guests with a list of where you're registered and tell them that gift cards are graciously accepted. Many people can be overwhelmed by a wedding registry and you can save both parties a lot of stress by simply asking for a gift card to your favorite stores.

As you create your wedding registry, think of the items you and your partner will use on a daily basis. From there, you can choose the best brands or favorite color combinations to give your guests something to spoil you with. These 10 gift ideas for your wedding registry are merely a starting point for you as you build your home and lives together, so don‘t be afraid to add items to the list that are uniquely you.

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