Tips and Ideas for a Unique Sign-in Table

Tips and Ideas for a Unique Sign-in Table

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Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special, memorable, and unique. We have all seen the traditional sign-in tables with the white guest book, fancy pin, and confetti strewn across the table. The layout of the sign-in table is one of the first impressions that guests will have when they enter a wedding reception, so make it a good one! Rather than using the standard table and wedding décor, why not put out something that the guests can have fun with and you can take as a keepsake?

A String of Memories

Typically, you'll see photos of the couple around the sign-in table in most wedding receptions. This is a great way to bring the display to life, but framed pictures have been done time and time again. Try printing out 10 to 20 of your favorite pictures and then hanging them on a nice-looking strand of twine like a clothes line. You can also tie little bows or hang wedding-themed trinkets in-between the photos.

A Memorable Pile of Rocks

The purpose of a guestbook at a wedding reception is for the bride and groom to have a memorable record of all the guests that attended the wedding. Rather than handing out a blank book, give your guests a rock. This may sound odd, but give it a try! Lay out a pile of rocks, markers, and a glass vase. Ask your guests to sign a rock or write a message, and then place it into the glass vase that you have set out. Depending on where you live, you can either collect rocks yourself, or purchase them from a craft store. Make sure they are clean before setting them out. If you want to get even more creative, decorate the vase as you like. This way you can keep the vase of rocks as a unique decorative piece in your home after the wedding is over.

Picture Your Guests

Guests love to be included in the wedding. Instead of only placing pictures of yourself, why not get pictures of them too? Leave a camera on the table and instructions for them to take a picture of themselves. If needed, you can have one of the ushers present near the table to take the pictures. After the wedding is over, you will have special captured moments from your guests that you can look back on.

Type a Thought

Another unique way to get a message from each guest is to buy a vintage typewriter. Instruct your guests to type a special message. By the end of the wedding you should have several pages of funny, sentimental, and encouraging messages to read through. For a little extra fun, put out a sheet of stickers that guests can stick on the paper next to their messages.

These are just a few fun ways to spice up your sign-in table and have more fun. No one said that weddings all had to be the same. Your wedding should be a reflection of your own style and creativity!

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