Tips for Taking Summer Wedding Photos

Tips for Taking Summer Wedding Photos

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You would think that having a summer wedding you’re going to nail every wedding photo because the weather’s so beautiful, right? Well, it’s not quite that easy. While it can be easier to take brighter snaps in summer, you’ve still got to put some work in to take the best pictures. Here’s our top tips for getting it right during the summer months.

Hire a professional wedding photographer

Sure, your cousin Gemma has been doing photography for a couple of years now and you love all her photos and she says she’ll do it for free, but there is no better photographer for your big day than a professional wedding photographer. They’re practiced in getting the right shots every time, and making sure everything happens on time. Don’t trust your wedding pictures to an amateur, even if you love their personal photographs. Research wedding photographers in your area with the best portfolios.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t know your best angles? We’re not all masters at taking a great photograph. If you aren’t quite model material as yet, then the best way to find out what works for you is to start practicing in front of the mirror. While you might feel like a total goofball doing it, learning what works best for you when taking pictures can really help to save you time on your wedding day. Think about it – 20 shots to get the perfect one, or just 3? There’s no harm in doing some solo practice beforehand.

Squinting in the sun doesn’t look so hot

If the sun is out and shining bright on your big day, then chances are that you are going to get a fair bit of glare. You might like to plan for this in advance by doing your ceremony in the late afternoon once the sun has calmed down, or doing your pictures under cover. Of course, you can always do some cool shots with your sunglasses on, but you don’t want to have to be squinting through every other photo that you end up taking on your special day.

Check which areas of your venue get the most sunlight at which times

Getting the perfect photos means catching the light at the perfect times. Work with your photographer beforehand and figure out which places around your venue, or other wedding photo location, are going to look best for pictures at which time of day. Make sure to do this in advance, so you can arrange the best times to get the bridal party together in each location throughout the day. Your photographer should be an expert at this, so they’ll know exactly where to set up and when – make sure that you listen to their advice!

Looking for a beautiful summer wedding venue? Il Tulipano is set on beautiful garden grounds with outdoor and indoor spaces that will make your wedding photos pop. We have a number of different packages available for all sorts of weddings, so come out to have a look at our venue and request a tour today.

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