5 Tips to Writing the Best Wedding Toast

5 Tips to Writing the Best Wedding Toast

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At a wedding, the spotlight shines on the bride and groom throughout, but there is a special light that shines bright at a couple of particular guests: the speech givers. Whether it is given by the father of the bride or the groom's best man, the wedding toast is one of the highlights of a wedding. It may either be a beautiful heartfelt moment, or a complete disaster. Putting in the extra effort to write a thoughtful speech may alleviate your anxiety and save you from embarrassment.

If you're preparing to give a wedding speech for someone dear to you, follow these tips to ensure that your speech is beautiful and unforgettable.

1. Clarify to whom you are toasting and define your relationship. Some of the other guests at the wedding may not know who you are or what your relationship is to the bride or groom. Although this may not seem necessary to you, it will better prepare everyone listening to your speech. Be sure to clearly state who you are and what makes you significant to the bride or groom. Imagine how much sweeter a speech already sounds when you let the guests know something like "been friends since first grade." This adds a sentimental value that will pull in your listeners.

2. Thank the couple and their families. You will have room to be funny and creative throughout your speech, but before you get into that, give thanks to whoever is hosting the wedding. This could be the couple themselves, or their parents. Your guests will get a touch of seriousness from you which will keep them attentive.

3. Share a memorable anecdote. Here is your chance to be funny, sincere, or even both. Share a special story like how you met the bride or groom or a particular moment that truly showed the value of your relationship. Story telling leaves room for imagination that other guests may connect to as well. It can be humorous or it can be emotional, and when crafted properly, it could leave a lasting impact on your listeners.

4. Turn the tears to smiles. Your anecdote may have brought on some tears upon the guests and the couple, but this is where you change the tone of your speech before your closing remarks. Offer a compliment to the couple. Keep this short and sweet. Reminding everyone of the wonderful characteristics the couple possesses is a nice way to transition into your last statement.

5. Keep a positive vibe going till the end. You want to end your speech on a happy and memorable note. You can offer a special wish or blessing to the couple. This can be personalized or traditional. The final note should leave the couple smiling and happy to have chosen you as the toast maker, so choose your words wisely!

Giving a wedding toast can be nerve wracking, but if you prepare properly before the big day, your speech may be one of the most memorable moments in the wedding. The couple chose you to make a special speech, so give them something they'll never forget!


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