Top 10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Top 10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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While your guests are dutifully picking out the perfect gifts for you, you can surprise them with some of the best – and most unique! – wedding favors. Some of these are great for before the ceremony, while others can wait until the reception. Pick and choose how you’ll surprise your guests with these favors, and don’t hesitate to give them more than one! We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite wedding favors for summer to help you choose the favors they’ll love the most.

1. Custom Coasters

Monogrammed, hand-carved, or hand-painted coasters are just a few ways you can give your guests a favor to remember you by. Wooden or stone coasters with initials and dates carved into them are immensely popular and useful, and when tied together with a piece of twine, they look great for bohemian and rustic themed ceremonies.

Custom Wedding Coasters Party Favors

2. Succulents

Tiny succulents tucked into monogrammed ceramic pots are great little favors to leave on dining tables for each of your guests. Not only are these little plants easy to take care of, they’ll brighten up a home or office space with just the right amount of greenery.

Tiny Succulents Wedding Party Favors

3. Fresh Herbs

To stick with the green thumb motif, living herbs are another great way to send your guests off with a bright and use-able gift they’ll appreciate. Basil, dill, and parsley are easy to grow and easy to care for, and your guests can pull fresh leaves from their favor to spice up any meal.

Fresh Herbs Wedding party Favors

4. Local Honey

If you’re inviting a lot of guests from out of town, help them remember their visit to Jersey with a jar of local honey. Herbertsville Honey and Fruitwood Orchards Honey Farm are two of the most popular honey providers in New Jersey, and they offer different varieties of light, dark, liquid, and crystallized honeys. You have a lot to choose from when it comes to giving your guests a local taste of New Jersey!

Herbertsville Honey Wedding Party Favor New Jersey Farm Fresh

5. Candles

Make your own candles or buy a scented trio from the store. Either way, your guests will appreciate a wedding favor that smells sweet, and it will create a little ambiance in their own home that is reminiscent of the time they spent with you and your groom.

Candles Wedding party Favor

6. Sunglasses

Don’t let your love blind everyone! Especially if you are having your wedding and reception in our fabulous outdoor Piazza, you’ll need to give your guests a way to block out the sun so they don’t miss a glimpse of the stunning bride and groom.

Wedding Sunglasses Wedding Party Favors

7. Lottery Tickets

You’re lucky in love, so spread some of that luck around by tucking a few lottery tickets in your guests’ favor bags. And if there are any winners in you party, they may just share some of that lucky cash with you!

Lucky in Love Lottery Tickets Wedding Party Favors

8. Parasols

A whimsical gift that can be especially useful during bright and sunny summer ceremonies are parasols. Up the femininity factor and help block out the sun by offering paper or soft cloth parasols to your guests as a unique favor as soon as they arrive. They also look great with sunglasses!

Parasols Wedding Party Favors

9. Wedding Mixes

Do you and bae have a ton of romantic songs that reflect your relationship? Maybe you have a few funny club jams from when you first met. Either way, share this soundtrack with your guests by creating playlists. Burn these playlists onto CDs or send your guests home with jump drives full of songs that will keep your reception bumping long after it ends.

Wedding Music Mixes Wedding Party Favors and Gifts

10. Ask For a Donation

If you have a favorite non-profit organization or program that you are involved with, asking your guests to make a donation on your behalf is an excellent favor or gift idea. Leave handmade or printed cards on each of your guests’ tables or create a donation box in your reception area to make it easy for your guests to drop off their donation.

Donations Wedding Gifts

As you shop for favors, remember that each of these will look even better when you add your home-made touch to them. Unique cards and labels with you and your groom’s married names will not only help guests remember your anniversary, it will also give them a great memento to remember your ceremony by. Design in Wayne, NJ has great wedding favors for summer, and if you’re looking for more local favors for your New Jersey Wedding, check out other NJ wedding vendors here.

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