Top 3 Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue in NJ

Top 3 Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue in NJ

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He proposed, he nailed the ring, but now it's your turn! What's the first step you should take when planning your wedding? Finding the wedding venue, of course!

There are many caveats to finding your dream wedding venue, and you'll need to look out for spaces that can comfortably accommodate all of your guests, offer privacy for intimate ceremonies, and fit your budget.

These tips for finding your dream wedding venue right here in NJ will help you narrow down the choices and pick the best one for your wedding.

Match Your Venue to Your Dress

Okay, maybe not exactly. But you do want to find a space that speaks to you and your wedding aesthetic. As you visit different venues, it is important to specify the style that you're looking for. Many venues have unique décor that you can tweak to match your needs.

At Il Tulipano, our wedding venue has both an indoor and outdoor wedding space that can be used for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Our bridal attendants work closely with you in order to make our venue the perfect space for your wedding.

Pick a Wedding Venue for Your Guests

Although you, the beautiful bride-to-be, is the center of attention, you need to find a venue that matches your sense of style while simultaneously matching the size of your guest list. You want everyone to fit comfortably whether they're dining, dancing, or drinking. If you plan on having your ceremony and reception in the same place, that will greatly affect what kind of wedding venue you choose.

Ask yourself whether you're going to have a formal sit-down dinner type of reception or a buffet-style, as this will influence your venue choices. Look for spaces that offer multiple rooms if you want to separate the ceremony, the dining, and the dancing, or you may want one large open space in order to keep all of your guests together.

Many venues have a cap on the amount of guests they can have in one space, so be clear about your guest list and how many people you intend on inviting and seating at your wedding.

Private Venues vs. Open Space

If you're planning an intimate wedding, privacy will have a big say in what type of venue you choose. Be sure to ask whether or not the venue you're looking into rents out spaces simultaneously, because you may end up sharing a banquet hall with another wedding. Confirm with your venue and wedding planner that your party will be alone in the space.

If privacy is key, outdoor weddings can be private if you know where to look and what questions to ask, so don't limit yourself to indoor spaces simply because you want intimacy.

What type of wedding venue will you choose?

When you're deciding on your wedding venue, keep these tips in mind. Your style, your guests, and your privacy are the top three points you need to address when it comes to finding your dream wedding venue.

You won't know how a venue will accommodate your needs until you visit it, so always remember to tour the facility before you decide. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can regarding the space, and always confirm whether or not outside catering, lighting, décor, and entertainment is allowed. 

Interested in viewing il Tulipano? Request a tour now!


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