Top 5 Creative Must-Dos for Your Wedding Photos

Top 5 Creative Must-Dos for Your Wedding Photos

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We all know what the guests expect from the wedding photos: large bridal parties all in a row, a handsome set of groomsmen, maybe an adorable flower girl or two. But if you really want to burst out of the box and give them a memory to cherish, check out these creative must-dos for your wedding photos. Of course, these are just our favorite ideas, and we were able to narrow it down to our top 5, but we expect to see a bunch from you, our Jersey Brides, that will really wow us!

Something Old

Don't be afraid to give a handsome throwback to past generations. You and hubby can hold the wedding photos of parents and grandparents as a meta homage to the love that created the both of you. Re-create old poses, or even go for a vintage filter that'll give your guests - and especially your parents - a blissful memory of days of yore.

As a bride, you also share a special moment with your father before he walks you down the aisle. Give your photographer a rare treat by letting them capture the moment your dad sees you as a bride for the first time.

Something New

Moving photographs aren't just at Hogwarts anymore. The newest wedding photography trend are GIFs! Capture a series of moments in a few seconds of repeatable film that will give you and your guests a chance to relive the magical moment over and over again.

This Tumblr page has a couple of great examples of wedding GIFs, and don't be afraid to come up with your own creative ideas. Our favorite? The epic mid-jump photo as a looped GIF that captures the jump, the mid-air pose, and the landing all in one photo.

Something Borrowed

Let the groom and his boys borrow a few hints from you. They can take a page out of the bridesmaid book and get a little quirky with their wedding party. An epic Lord of the Rings shot with the groomsmen around the rings will make for a beautifully nerdy moment, while an Evolution of Man pose will make the guests laugh.

Letting the boys have their moment will give you plenty of great photographs to not only cherish memories, but they'll also be a great addition inside the thank-you notes. If you can keep your guests smiling and laughing long after the ceremony, then you've got some great wedding photos.

Something Blue..or White

Just like the bride, the wedding dress needs its time to shine in the spotlight. Take a few creative shots that emphasize your dress. Let your man carry you on his shoulders so you'll look as tall as you feel, or get playful with the flower girls and ring bearers. Nothing is sweeter than smartly dressed children getting lost in the bride's train and veil.

But, if you ask us, our favorite is the heart pose. Lay down and spread your dress around you like a heart. Let hubby lay down next to you. Not only does this photo capture the pure romance of the moment, it also lets your guest see your sheer size and greatness of your gorgeous wedding dress.

The Bridesmaids Got it Goin' On

Show how much you love your sisters - those by blood and those from other mothers - by letting them be the center of attention for a few moments. Whether you want to show how long you've known one another or you have individual candid photo op ideas with each maid in mind, you can get really creative.

Have them hold chalkboard and write how you both first met, or strike a classic Charlie's Angels pose like you did back in middle school. And don't forget the flower girls! They are just as much a part of the bridal party as the bride's maids. Let them in on the fun by having a stackable photo - let each flower girl sit on the shoulders of the maid of your choice and let the fun begin!

How are you posing for your wedding photos?

We hope these top 5 creative must-dos inspire your own wedding photos. Share with us your favorites on Facebook and let us see what you come up with! Your wedding photos should capture the essence of your wedding so that you can relive the memory with each other, with your children, and even your grand children as the years go on. The ceremony itself may only last a few hours, but these photographs will last forever.


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