Top 5 Fall Wedding Photo Locations in NJ

Top 5 Fall Wedding Photo Locations in NJ

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Twenty years from now, when you look back at your wedding, what will you be looking at? For most people, the answer is “photographs” – and you’ll likely have several hundred of them.

There are plenty of locations in New Jersey that can be the perfect backdrop to the photos you’re going to be looking at for years to come, including parks, historical landmarks, and underappreciated gems.

Here are 5 suggestions on where to go.

1. Ken Lockwood Gorge (High Bridge)

Golds, oranges and reds -- these are the colors most people associate with New Jersey in the fall, and Ken Lockwood Gorge is a great place to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors for your wedding photos. This is one of the best places for fall wedding photos in NJ if the look you want is rustic, peaceful, and unique. Ask your photographer to explore different perspectives; the boulders and steep slopes here can allow for some unconventional angles.

2. Liberty State Park (Jersey City)

Not sure waterfalls and trees are the right feel for your wedding photographs? While Liberty State Park isn’t bereft of wildlife, it is the perfect location for couples that would prefer the glamorous Manhattan skyline in the background of their photos. This urban sanctuary offers views of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, as well as the 9/11 memorial, “Empty Sky.” If you want a large variety of backgrounds, this is also a good choice, considering the park spans over 1,200 acres.

3. Forsynthe National Wildlife Refuge (Brigantine)

Located in Southern NJ, the Forsynthe Refuge is a protected wilderness area. Visitors can use the 8 mile long trail road, or travel along any of the shorter foot paths that each offer unique views of the refuge. Autumn is a special time for the refuge, as the foliage will transform into brilliant colors, and there is the potential to see the Monarch butterflies that travel through this area along their route south.

The raised boardwalks through the marshes allow for dramatic, beautiful photographs. Keep in mind: the outdoors always comes with an element of chance. Kay English Photography recommends having stylish umbrellas and rain boots on hand just in case the weather isn’t what you’re hoping for.

4. Lambert’s Castle (West Paterson)

When you envision your wedding photos, do you imagine a setting fit for royalty? Lambert’s Castle was built in 1892 as a private residence; today, it is a library and museum. While outdoor photos are free, the Lambert Castle Museum requires a permit and a $250 fee to take indoor photos.

Many couples, though, are content with exterior photos, as this is where the grandeur of the castle is most apparent. Views of the Manhattan skyline, porticos, a fountain, and elegant stone walls are all part of the setting. This is also a location that lends itself well to beautiful black and white photos, which can sometimes be difficult to capture in the busier, outdoor fall settings.

5. Waterloo Village (Byram Township)

Are you in love with the past? Is your engagement ring a vintage setting rather than the more modern halo? Then Waterloo Village, a restored 19th century canal town, might be the perfect old-time backdrop for your photos.

Pose next to the General Store, and get scenic shots next to the windmill. Photographs taken next to the historic locks will be quaint and, in their own way, timeless. Waterloo itself is free; if you want an indoor area, the rustic pavilion and the meetinghouse can both be rented out.

What’s your wedding photo location?

No matter what your style, there are a wide variety of beautiful locations throughout New Jersey that can be the perfect backdrop to your fall wedding photos. Always check ahead to make sure that you have any necessary permits. Many outdoor areas will be largely free to access, but specific locations may be cordoned off.

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