Top 5 Wedding Planning Apps for the Bride-to-Be

Top 5 Wedding Planning Apps for the Bride-to-Be

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Wedding planning can be as easy as looking at your phone. Apps abound today with special features and interactive calendars which all brides-to-be can use to keep their guests and their wedding party in the loop. And don't forget about the groom! These apps make it super easy for the two of you to stay on the same page as you run around town looking for caterers, venues, even the dress! Anything that makes your wedding planning easier is a win in our book, so we've done our research and found the best wedding planning apps for you, the bride-to-be!


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

First and foremost, is one of the best websites for wedding planning, wedding ideas, and - most importantly - organization. With The Knot wedding planning app, you are directly connected to your Knot profile online so you can access your details at any time. And by being able to access these key details on your phone, you can make changes instantaneously that everyone can see. The app even comes with a great budgeting tool that can help you and your groom stay on the same page when it comes to the cost of catering, decorations, and venues. But our favorite detail is the Checklist. Personalize your checklist to your unique needs and break down your tasks on a timeline that can help you stay on track and get things done so you aren't racing around at the last minute. Remember, you want to spend the last few moments as a bride enjoying the dress and the event you took so long to plan, not chasing down the last final details.


Wedding Wire

Another website that links their app with your profile, Wedding Wire goes beyond the Knot app and allows other guests to take their part in the planning. If your mom is in charge of the bridal shower, this app can connect her with you and the rest of your guests so everyone is in the loop. This will definitely alleviate some stress off your shoulders by giving you the chance to allow others to plan aspects of your ceremony while still giving you the control you need to make sure things are being done to your specifications. Beyond event planning, this app also gives you a checklist, spending tracker, and inspiration board for ideas that you can easily pull out and show your cake decorator, your interior decorator, even your bridesmaids for your bachelorette party!


Wedding Budget

This app does exactly what it says it does - it helps you stay on track with your wedding budget. Itemizing each cost with this easy-to-see, easy-to-navigate app will protect you from over spending, or let you know when you can afford to splurge a little. You can break down each part of your budget and allot certain amounts of money to certain things, such as your dress, your catering, even your shoes. Breaking it down and being able to visualize it with this app will reduce your stress so you can have more fun planning the parties and spend less time worrying about the money.


Wedding Party

This app is the best for the big day! Create and account and share it with your guests as soon as they arrive. This way, as they take pictures and capture candids, they can upload them directly to your page. Every guest can enjoy the shots, even those who were unable to attend, and you'll have access to them after the ceremony for scrapbooking, thank-you notes, or just to cherish the memories. Many new couples opt for apps like these instead of a professional photographer only because the point of view of each of your family members and friends is unique to your relationship with them. Their shots can be truly heartfelt without feeling posed, and you'll be grateful you have this app after everything is said and done just in case you missed a moment.


Appy Couple

This app is a favorite among new couples and brides-to-be because it acts as both a blog and a wedding planning tool. Create your profile with Appy Couple and track your engagement, your planning, and your ceremony in your own unique way. Upload photos and share romantic details all while itemizing your budget and scheduling appointments. You and bae can share your plans with guests, and even your professional wedding planner, so that everyone will be on the same page when you arrive at the tour of a venue or meet with the caterer. And you can add a unique element by uploading spur-of-the-moment photos. Taking multiple pictures of different cakes and showing your friends with this app can give you instant feedback and help you make those difficult decisions!

We know it can be overwhelming after the excitement of the new ring starts to fade a little, but there's no reason you can't still have fun while you plan your wedding. These 5 apps should make your wedding planning easier by keeping all the fine details right at your fingertips. Access them online and on your phone, and remember to take help when you can! These apps will keep all of your wedding party in the loop, so don't be afraid to delegate tasks to the most trustworthy bridesmaids in your party.


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