What Summer Brides Need to Know About Makeup for the Big Day

What Summer Brides Need to Know About Makeup for the Big Day

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Every bride wants to look and feel gorgeous on her wedding day. Summer brides have to do a little extra planning in order to create a makeup look that can stand up to the heat and humidity of summer. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when creating your summer wedding makeup look. 

All brides, not just those marrying in the summer, should begin with a clean, freshly moisturized face. Oil-free moisturizer is a great choice for brides with normal, combination or oily skin. Those with very dry skin may prefer a moisturizer with more richness to completely hydrate the skin. In addition to well-moisturized skin, a primer is a great idea for summer brides. Primers help makeup adhere to the skin and increase the staying power of makeup. There are primers for all skin needs, but an oil-free primer is an especially useful tool in a summer bride's makeup arsenal.

Summer brides have to contend with hot, sticky weather which can make choosing foundation a bit more difficult. In addition to needing to be able to withstand the weather, some foundations contain SPF, which can create a white cast on the face when photographed. For brides that wish to switch their foundation for one free of SPF, be sure to begin testing foundations well in advance of the wedding day in order to avoid any last minute reactions or breakouts. Choose a long-wearing, oil-free foundation for a makeup look that will last all day and through the night of dancing. If you are confident in your skin, create a summery glow by applying a shimmery bronzer to areas of the face that would naturally be hit by the sun and play up your eyes and lips. If you prefer to cover your entire face in foundation, applying powder after foundation helps to set your foundation and any concealer and keep the makeup in place.

Eyes and Lips
Summer brides have limitless options when it comes to makeup looks, however, a popular summer makeup trend is golden, luminous skin and a soft brown smokey eye. Eyeliner helps to define your eyes and adds a bit of drama to your makeup look. Pencil eyeliners are great for a smokey look, however, they have a tendency to slide, smudge or plain melt off in extremely hot and humid conditions. For summer brides that are having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, consider gel or liquid eyeliners. These formulas offer an extremely precise line while also remaining in place for hours with no budging or smudging. Because a wedding in such an emotional and joyous day, there are bound to be a few tears here and there. Summer brides should look for a waterproof mascara to prevent mascara from running due to tears or the weather. In addition, if applying false eyelashes, be sure to grab lash glue that is a waterproof formula so you don't have a false eyelash wandering down your face during your vows.

While glossy lips look absolutely stunning, for outdoor summer weddings, brides may want to consider a lip stain as opposed to a rich lipstick or a sticky gloss. Stains provide differing levels of color depending on the brand and formula, but they adhere nicely to lips and require virtually no touch-ups throughout your day and night.

Once you have all of your makeup on you want it to stay all day and night, so invest in a quality setting spray. Setting sprays are widely available and address various skin concerns, however, for summer brides the most important type of setting spray is one that increases the longevity of makeup. Mist over your face a few times and you are all set to walk down the aisle.

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