What to Include In Your Gift Registry

What to Include In Your Gift Registry

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Thinking about the gift registry for your wedding can fill you with conflicting feelings of both excitement and dread. On the one hand, after crafting the budget for your wedding there’s not a lot left over for new pots and pans -- hence the registry coming in handy to fill in the gaps in your new household. On the other hand, many couples are wary of coming across as rude by specifying their desire for gifts.

Don’t worry -- everyone is expecting you to create a wedding registry. In fact, many guests actually appreciate it, rather than seeing it as a reminder that they “have to” contribute (they don’t, of course) or as a limitation to their creativity. While this wedding may be the only one you have, it may be only one of many you attend -- and they’d like to not be the tenth person to buy you Mr & Mrs. Bath towels.

The time to make your registry is likely now. According to The Knot, the average bride creates a gift registry nearly six months before the wedding.

So: What, exactly, should you include in your gift registry this year? Here are a few ideas.

Entertainment Items

What makes weddings so fun? In part, it’s the opportunity to bring so many people together in one place. Keep this in mind as you craft your wedding registry: now is the time to invest in casual entertainment products that you can use again and again. Whether that’s a cocktail bar for your backyard, beer glasses, or a fondue pot, think of your friends and family as an important part of your future life together, as well.

A Wide Variety of Products

This should go without saying, but to reiterate: have a wide variety of both products and prices. Your guests will all have different budgets, and someone who only has $30 to contribute may not appreciate every listing pricing above $75. Similarly, it’s good to have some “big ticket” items as well -- an outdoor grill, or a new kitchen table, for example -- since group gifts are a popular way for guests to pool resources.

Everyday China

Remember how your mother or your grandmother always had that special china that always stayed in the cabinet -- even for special occasions? Couples today are aiming to be more practical and asking for beautiful but usable chinaware. It’s time to upgrade from that makeshift set of mismatched plates you’ve had since college.

Hobby Items

Let’s be realistic: in many cases, you and your future spouse have already been living together for a few years and likely have all the Egyptian bedsheets a person could want. What you may want to explore more as a newlywed couple, though, are your shared hobbies. A couple that enjoys camping, for example, might request a tent, camping chairs, or a portable lamp on their list.

Make Life Easier

Aim for simplifying your life when you put things on your list, rather than simply adding clutter. Don’t add table linens to the list if you can’t imagine even bringing them out for holidays, considering you always go to your sister’s house anyway. Instead, opt for items you’ll truly get a lot of use out of.

For some couples, this might be a vacuum specially crafted to pick up pet hair from rugs and couches. For foodie couples, a coffee grinder, food processor, or panini press might get a lot of wear over the years (check out our extensive wedding menu options, by the way!).

While these five categories are important to hit for your list, there are obviously hundreds of individual items you can add. To get an idea of specific things you might be missing, check out The Knot’s list -- it can be edited for your own personal use. For more ideas on how to customise your wedding experience, visit the il Tulipano wedding ideas and inspiration page.

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