Which Wedding Season is Right for You?

Which Wedding Season is Right for You?

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Once the question is popped - and right after you say yes! – you and your groom will have to decide on a wedding date. Some brides already know the exact day they want to get married, others may have to think on it for a minute. Should it be a summer wedding at the beach? What about a beautiful country wedding in the fall with a dress to match the changing leaves?

Each potential date for your wedding brings with it a lot of questions, but narrowing down which season is right for your ceremony can help you pick the perfect date. Need help deciding which wedding season is right for you? We’ve listed a few of our favorite reasons to plan a wedding in each season in order to help you pick out the best time of year for your special day.


Think blooms, think beauty, think romance. Spring is the season of new beginnings, which makes it the perfect backdrop for your first day as husband and wife. With spring weddings, you’ll have a plethora of floral arrangements to choose from as everything is in bloom, and colors like pink, purple, and teal can be arranged to create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Just watch out for unpredictable weather. Rain and chance snowstorms can disrupt a wedding ceremony, so spring weddings and receptions are best planned indoors. If you’re leaning toward an outdoor wedding, pick a date during summer or fall instead.


Brides going for a rustic motif with romantic hardwoods, orange dahlias, and a dash of pumpkin spice flavor should plan a wedding during the fall. The moderate weather makes for a perfect outdoor setting that will keep guests comfortable, and delicious treats like warm cider and hot chocolate can keep guests toasty if an evening reception gets a little chilly.

Decorations can be inspired by the changing of the leaves, and using pressed leaves in your invitations or announcements are a great way to get your guests excited about the upcoming seasonal ceremony. Just keep in mind that the season of fall is also the season of school, and families with young children and college students may not be able to attend your wedding.

Work it out with your guests to pick out the best fall date, and remember that earlier in the season may be a better date for everyone.


Beach weddings, tropical destinations, and the warmth of the sun may be all you’re thinking about for your wedding, and that means summer is the perfect season for you. It’s also the perfect season for bright and boisterous colors, like neon, hot pink, and a bright ocean blue.

You can have tons of fun planning a more relaxed and laid-back reception that goes along with the lazy days of summer afternoons, and you’re more likely to get your guests to attend a destination wedding if you plan during their summer vacation.

Of course, summer is the most popular wedding season of all, and you may have to compete with other brides for vendors and venues. Our advice?

If you’re planning a summer wedding, save your date and book well in advance. This way, you can spend more time picking out the bright floral arrangements and your beautiful dress rather than worrying about the venue and catering.


If you’re among the non-traditional brides, winter could be the wedding season that fits you and your groom perfectly. Crowds are minimal, meaning you’ll have more options when it comes to vendors, and more wiggle room when it comes to your official wedding date.

And just imagine the elegance of the snow-white backdrop combined with the crisp beauty of a roaring fireplace and wintry poinsettias. Plush furs, sleek white dresses, and beautifully unique snowflakes can up the wow factor of your seasonal wedding, and if you two are a couple that loves the holidays, winter is the perfect time for a Christmas, New Year’s, or even a Valentine’s Day ceremony.

But remember, with winter comes the cold weather, and you may have to accommodate for unpredictable snowstorms by keeping everything – including photographs – indoors.

Which wedding season is right for you?

Picking a wedding season involves not only considering the weather, wedding venue and décor but also checking with the availability of your guests and your bridal party. If you’re worried about the people you love most being unable to attend, take a poll and ask which season works best for everyone.

Sometimes the date you least expect can end up being the best date of all. No matter what time of year you choose to get married, it will always be one of the happiest moments of your life. Let us help you pick the perfect date by contacting us today!

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