Winter Wonderland: Tips for Transforming Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Space

Winter Wonderland: Tips for Transforming Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Space

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Winter conjures images of brilliant white, sparkling snow and dazzling icicles hanging from every available surface. There are party themes to fit every individual's taste and when the weather gets cold, transform your venue into a winter wonderland. Creating an indoor winter wonderland allows you to get all of the beauty of the winter landscape without the freezing temperatures.


One of the most effective, and easiest, ways to transport your guests to a magical winter wonderland inside your venue is to drape fabric to help create the desired atmosphere. Hang white fabric from the walls and surfaces such as buffet tables. Add a bit of opulence to your winter setting with silver (or silver sequined) fabrics to place on the tables where guests will eat. The use of a metallic or sequined tablecloth provides maximum visual impact with minimal effort.

Use fishing wire and cotton balls to hang from the ceiling and create the illusion of softly falling snow. Simply thread the fishing wire through the cotton and don't worry if the cotton ball does not stay together as snow rarely falls uniformly. If you feel that you do not have the time to make falling snow, consider using prefabricated hanging crystals to give the impression of icicles hanging above the heads of your guests.

Create clusters of snow covered branches to place throughout your room using various sizes of branches (either from your yard or a craft store) and a bit of spray paint and glitter. Coat the branches in white or silver spray paint and allow plenty of time to dry. To add sparkle, either use a glitter spray or add a bit of hot glue and loose glitter. It is a good idea to make your branches several days ahead of the party so everything is fully dried before you arrange them around your venue.

To add to the ambiance of your winter wonderland party, place plenty of white string lights around the room. Add white lights to your branches and place under a table with a sheer white tablecloth for a soft, wintery effect. If you want to create maximum drama in your space, contact your venue for information on uplighting and request colors such as blue or purple to add to your winter theme.

Food and Drink

In addition to the menu you have chosen for the bar/bat mitzvah, it is fun to add food and drink elements that reflect your winter theme. Serve your guests an arctic looking punch by mixing equal parts of a blue colored fruit punch with lemonade. Add lemon-lime soda for a fizzy kick. White foods such as popcorn and marshmallows dipped in white chocolate look as great on display as they taste. Frost cookies or cupcakes with a white frosting and top with shredded coconut or decorative sugar crystals to mimic snow.

Creating a winter wonderland is easy and fun when you complete a few DIY projects in advance of your bar/bat mitzvah. Use plenty of white, silver or even iridescent fabrics and glitters to create your indoor winter wonderland. When the party comes to an end, hand your guests thank you bags with items such as a pair of gloves, a scarf and some white or blue rock candy. Enjoy all of the beauty of the winter without the cold temperatures with your winter wonderland bar/bat mitzvah.


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