This venue is absolutely gorgeous. The staff caters to your every need. The food is amazing and the cocktail hour was a hit.


Planning for our wedding was more than stressful and things seemed to keep going wrong. The one thing that was absolutely perfect though was il Tulipano. The day of our wedding was beyond anything I could have imagined. It had been recommended to us by another well known reception venue and they admitted to us that Tulipano had "the best food in New Jersey." We knew the reception would be good...but we had no idea just how good. The level of service and hospitality is impeccable....I've never been treated so well in my life. The food and drinks were fantastic and the space was just perfect. People have been raving about our wedding...saying that they have never seen an event like it. My husband and I are critical people and wanted a wedding with the highest quality of food and bar and service. We got it at il Tulipano. I cannot say enough good things about this place...I can promise you that if you book your wedding will exceed all of your expectations.


I never had a certain vision growing up of where I wanted my wedding reception to actually be. The MINUTE I stepped into il Tulipano, I knew I wanted to have it there. From our first meeting, to the day of our wedding, we received nothing but top notch service from the ENTIRE staff. They went above and beyond our expectations. The place was impeccable, the garden area was beautiful, the food was plentiful and delicious, and the staff acted as if we were family. 4 months laer, and we're STILL getting compliments from our guests about how our wedding was the best they ever went to. I cannot thank them enough for making our wedding a dream come true. I would highly recommend them for any occasion. Greg Jr and staff are a well qualified team of professionals that know how to throw a party!


My fiance and I just had our wedding and what a great place. The food was fantastic and the service was great. They attendants were constantly available and catered to everything. Vincent (Manager) was extremely flexible. He went above and beyond and made our wedding as stress free as possible. Sunday was also awesome. She was with us all night and made sure we were taken care of. All of our guest raved about the place and the food. We are were sooo happy how everything worked out! Thank you so much for everything!!


I can’t say enough nice things about our experience at Il Tulipano. When I say it was perfect I absolutely mean it. Donald helped us plan our wedding and he was very helpful, nice and patient with us. I also called him often with quick questions and he was always there to answer. We got married on April 14th and Il Tulipano was in full bloom. It was gorgeous and the pictures that we took on the patio came out great. All of our guests are still raving about the cocktail hour. They had an amazing seafood display and my husband (who does not eat seafood) loved the baby lamb chops. The dinner was delicious too and all the waiters and bartenders were exceptional. The bridal attendant, Thea, was amazing as well. She met me as we arrived and she was very nice, accommodating and not overbearing. I would highly recommend Il Tulipano to any bride and I hope that one of our friends gets married there so that we can go again!


We truly ha the best night of our lives here! The second our limo pulled up, my husband and I were treated like royalty. They catered to our every need, brought food and drinks to us so that we could mingle with guests and enjoy the celebration, etc. Service was fantastic, and food was DELICIOUS just as its reputation states. Almost a month has passed and our guests are still talking about the great food. Not only do they make your wedding day amazing, but the whole process with il Tulipano is smooth sailing. They are SO organized, friendly, and professional. Greg Jr. is great to work with, and he listened to our requests to make it truly our own special day. The first time my husband and I walked in to il Tulipano, we felt like we were at home and we knew this was the place for our wedding. Even better, the night of our wedding we were treated like family by the staff...they were genuinely happy for us and making sure the day carried out exactly as we wanted. Thank you il Tulipano!!


Absolutely amazing. They catered to our every want and need (almost too much!) and the food was probably the best I've ever had! We have a big Italian family and they are still talking about the food months later... so you know that it's good. The place is beautiful and has the sweetest touches... from the decor and having a little reservation setting for the bride and groom at the cocktail hour to the slide show of our pictures. They were great I would recommend them to anyone.


My husband and I had our reception at Il Tulipano in June and had the most amazing time! We are still talking about it, and so are all our friends and family. From the amazing food, beautiful atmosphere, and the amazing service - it was all perfect and everyone is still raving about Il Tulipano. We can't wait to go back there as a guest for someone else's wedding, to enjoy it all over again. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone because you know you will get the best service possible and will completely enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Everyone at Il Tulipano was so attentive to us and our family and friends, we truly had nothing to worry about and were able to just enjoy the night with everyone we love. A special thanks to everyone at Il Tulipano for making our wedding day one that is unforgettable!


I had my reception at Il Tulipano in April 2014 and it exceeded my expectations x 1000. Everything was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I was treated like a princess and the staff was available for all my needs. The food was AMAZING. Not a single guest had anything bad to say about the food or venue in general. I was planning a NJ wedding from Virginia and Il Tulipano helped with the added stress and anxiety by paying attention to details and helping me feel at ease. I would recommend Il Tulipano to anyone for any function.


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of our experience at il Tulipano is “Thank You”. Thank you for making our wedding day one that we will always look back on with the happiest of memories. It was truly the Greatest Night of our lives. From the staff, to the venue, to the food our experience with il Tulipano was positive as they provided a classy yet festive wedding. Being a bit pessimistic, going through the experience with il Tulipano we were always thinking “this is too be good to true”. You hear stories, read articles, watch television shows, and wait for the problems to arise. We are happy to say that we were wrong, il Tulipano was not too good to be true, it was just plain and simply too good. We had heard nothing but good reviews about the food from people who have attended events at il Tulipano. From the Cocktail Hour, to the Dinner, to the Viennese Hour, our expectations were exceeded...We visited many places that charged more and offered less, when we saw il Tulipano, we knew it was the right place for us and booked that night. It’s great to start our life together leading off and hitting a Home Run with the wedding!


I can't say enough about Il Tulipano. I had my wedding there in June and I know everyone says their wedding is amazing but our guests could not stop talking about our venue, the food, and their overall experience. Greg and his staff are phenomenal and the attention they pay to detail is excellent. The food is out of this world and everyone commented all night on the selection and the quality of the food. Everything was timed perfectly, the room looked beautiful and the drinks were abundant all night! The bridal attendant was excellent and helped me with some dress drama and I really appreciated that. My husband and I are truly blessed to have had such an amazing experience. From start to finish, it was perfection. Greg was so available during the whole planning process and throughout the night and anything I needed they accomodated. I would recommend this place to anyone that wants to have a classy, elegant wedding, that still has the feeling of intimacy. Thank you Il Tulipano for a memorable night!


Our guests could not stop talking about the food! The entire staff helped us ensure our day went off without a hitch. Best venue ever... You can't go wrong!


Our wedding day at Il Tulipano was better than we ever even envisioned. They made the entire planning experience easy and stress-free. The food was EXCELLENT, and everyone was very impressed and had a wonderful time. The staff was professional, relaxed, helpful, and lively during our day. We would recommend Il Tulipano to anyone who is planning to get married in this area. We really couldn't have had a better day anywhere else!


My husband and I had our ceremony and reception at Il Tulipano on April 26, 2015. The most amazing experience I have ever had. The service was beyond outstanding. They were so welcoming, attentive and thoughtful throughout the whole process and especially the day of our wedding. The food was perfection. I am still getting calls from family friends about how amazing the food and service were. We have also eaten at their restaurant Rare in Little Falls and it falls in the same category amazing. I would recommend Il Tulipano for every event especially Weddings. We also recommend their Steakhouse Rare. Top Notch on everything. Thank you Il Tulipano for an unforgettable Wedding!


Il Tulipano was terrific! They helped us with our rehearsal, planned out every step and ran us through it two times. Carol and Thea were fantastic bridal attendants. They had my glass full, dress fluffed and food on our table. The food was out of this world and the service was impeccable. The waiters were polite and very quick when bringing drinks. Some tables didn't need to get up at all to go to the bar. The outdoor ceremony was beautiful. The area by the waterfall was perfect for taking pictures. Our cake was my favorite part! They did exactly what we wanted and it also was delicious! The bar is almost ridiculous considering they have 14 different kinds of bottled beer and stock Kettle One as well as Grey Goose Vodka. Most weddings I have been to have about 4 different beers and one type of Vodka. I cannot say enough about the dessert! The zeppolis were delicious, the geloti was homemade and the pastries were plentiful. Our guests can't stop raving about our wedding and I am so happy we chose il Tulipano.


IL Tulipano has a great reputation - everyone I know will not want to turn down a wedding invitation to Tulipano simply because you won't be disappointed with the amazing quality of food and services. I had 245 people at my wedding and everyone spoke highly about the food and the Venetian room. Even guests were surprised to taste delicious wedding cake that was made on the premise! Vincent and Gregorio Jr. were very accommodating and pleasure to work with. Gregorio Jr. was personable enough to come up to me during the cocktail hour and congratulated me. Also, i never knew how much helpful it was to have our bridal attendant Thea until that big day!! She was right there when I came out of the limo until the end of the night when I went in the shuttle van. She informed me when dinner was our table and asked for any of my belongings so she could hand them to me whenever I needed them like slippers and lipstick. Even though I was the bride, I totally trusted the Tulipano staff to do their job and enjoyed my own wedding!
Thank you so much for an amazing night!! I hope to host future parties there!


We had our wedding reception at Il Tulipano on May 19, 2012, and everything was ABSOLUTELY perfect!!!!!! We can't thank Donald, Jason, and the whole staff enough for making sure literally every stop of the way was flawless. I would recommend Il Tulipano to anyone. A few things that made it stick out to me in our wedding venue search (and it was EXTENSIVE!) - the food at Il Tulipano was notoriously awesome, there was tons of food from the cocktail hour to the venetian hour - our guests were amazed, and it was all delicious. The outside piazza was lovely, so nice to be able to go outside during the cocktail hour and a great place for photos. There was enough seating for everyone of our guests during cocktail hour - I hate the awkwardness of walking around trying to hold everything during cocktail hour, and very few venues offer this. I really liked that we had the whole venue to ourselves - it really made our event feel special. They are constantly updating and making sure everything is pristine. Also, I had a bridal attendant from the moment I stepped out of the car. She bustled me and got us plates of food, from the cocktail hour and venetian hour, she made sure we ate. She also made sure everything flowed perfectly, and she was there to deal with any issue that came up so my parents or I didn't have to.
Overall - I wholeheartedly recommend!

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I've been to over 20 venues in my lifetime, but Il Tulipano is by far the most elegant. They do only one wedding which makes the service impeccable. They are fully staffed, and the outside gardens are fabulous...You will not be disappointed!


Selecting a wedding venue to host your wedding celebration has to be one of the most difficult decisons to make when getting married. From the moment my husband and I visited Il Tulipano for the first time, we knew it was the place for us. Vincent made us feel comfortable and didn't try to give us a sales pitch like other venues we visited. He was gracious and made us feel like family. I truly believe that the value far exceeds the investment we made. The food was outrageous and abundant, the service was spectacular, and anything I asked for leading up to the wedding, any special request I made the reply was "Anything you want." My in-laws asked if we could request sugar-free desserts for the diabetics attending. We thought there would be a sugar-free cake and a few cookies, but there was an entire table of sugar-free desserts at our reception! Thea, my bridal attendant was amazing. She reminded my husband to put his jacket on for pictures, kept my slippers under the table for me during dinner so I could slip them on between courses, she bustled my dress, searched high and low for my bracelet that fell off and found it in the parking lot, reminded me to put lip gloss on, helped my bridemaid get a stain out of her dress, and so much more. Every detail was executed perfectly, and the owner introduced himself and thanked us for hosting our special day with them. I cannot recommend them enough. I am still being complimented by my family and friends. They tell me it was the most amazing wedding they've been to. We will absolutely be using them again the future.


Il Tulipano is a premier facility with the absolute best value, their food is top quality and their staff is always courteous and professional. The bridal attendant took care of every detail and stayed by our side the entire night. I had my daughters wedding as well as my 2nd wedding at Il Tulipano and would suggest them to anyone thinking of getting married or having a corporate affair. We have also utilized their in house preferred vendors and they are also as professional and couteous as the staff at Il Tulipano. In my opinion the best in North Jersey!!


Everything was exactly the way I imagined my wedding day to be. I loved the service, I loved how my needs were met. I couldn't have wished for anything else!


My husband and I had our reception at Il Tulipano in June and had the most amazing time! We are still talking about it, and so are all our friends and family. From the amazing food, beautiful atmosphere, and the amazing service - it was all perfect and everyone is still raving about Il Tulipano. We can't wait to go back there as a guest for someone else's wedding, to enjoy it all over again. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone because you know you will get the best service possible and will completely enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Everyone at Il Tulipano was so attentive to us and our family and friends, we truly had nothing to worry about and were able to just enjoy the night with everyone we love. A special thanks to everyone at Il Tulipano for making our wedding day one that is unforgettable!


Oh my goodness. My wedding was the easiest most amazing thing that has ever occurred for me. Alyssa and the staff at il Tulipano were all so helpful and amazing. When we had a question, they had an answer. If we had a problem, they fixed it immediately. Working with them, there was absolutely no reason for a bride to turn into bridezilla. The ceremony spot was gorgeous, however it rained so we had to do it inside but it was still beautiful!!!! If I could get married over and over I would choose il Tulipano for everything. The food? holy cow, you have never seen so much food in your life!!! and it was all delicious. the service was amazing and the reception hall was GORGEOUS!!!! We found out that we had a bridal attendant and thank God we did, because she helped us understand what we needed to do and where we needed to be. We did our rehearsal dinner at Rare The Steakhouse, which is owned by the same family, and that was amazing as well. They also did our cake and i gave them a picture and replicated it, it was beautiful!! And it tasted AMAZING. everyone said it was the best wedding cake they have ever had. All of my family and my husbands family said that this was the wedding of a century and that it was the best wedding they have ever been too. It was truly the most amazing experience of my life and part of that goes to il Tulipano. If you are having a hard time deciding where to have your wedding, have it at il Tulipano, you cannot go wrong and I PROMISE, it will be the most stress free time of your life!! I guarentee it!


Il Tulipano exceeded our expectations in every way. The food was absolute top quality with many guests commenting how it was the best food they ever had at a wedding. The service was impeccable; everything was served hot and efficiently. The grounds were gorgeous and beautifully manicured; the pictures taken in the gardens were stunning. The uplighting they provide as part of your package added a warm glow to the atmosphere. The staff at Il Tulipano were always very friendly and accomodating. We worked with Donald who guided us with his expertise in wedding planning and had a great sense of humor to help keep the stress levels down. We highly recommend Il Tulipano for any formal event.


On September 15, 2013 my husband and I had the most amazing Wedding. I want to thank Il Tulipano for not only making our reception a dream come true, but we had our ceremony at their new renovated garden and it was the perfect location for the perfect wedding on the perfect day!! For cocktail hour we also chose the BBQ option and it was a HIT!!!!a must do!!! The food was out of this world!!! My guest could not stop talking about it!!
Alyssa was my personal contact, she was amazing!!! She is quick with Emails and will do anything to help your wishes come true. I will miss everyone at Ill Tulipano after a year coming and going they became part of my family. Before choosing your venue give Il Tulipano a view you will be amazed!!

Happily Married Mrs. Zepeda


Pure amazement! Loved every minute of the reception and cocktail hour. Amazing food, great atmosphere and overall total professionalism. Greg Jr is awesome and was so accommodating up until the last minute. We had attended a wedding at il Tulipano 2 years ago and when we got engaged they were the first place we visited and the place we booked. I wanted a venue where we would be the only wedding and where I knew the food was awesome. The grounds are beautiful, we took all of our pictures there. The bridal attendant was great. Our guests are still bragging about the night. Tulipano did a great job and I highly recommend them for a wedding.

Would not change a thing - it was the perfect day ! Thank you Greg and everyone at il Tulipano!!


I still cannot believe I had the wedding of my dreams!!! I'm so happy we chose il Tulipano as our venue, it was a pleasure to deal with Donald and the rest of the staff at il tulipano. Our wedding was amazing! And every single guest LOVED the food and the venue :) thank you very much for everything!! I would HIGHLY recommend this venue to anyone!


I LOVE IT HERE! I went into this wedding blind, Never been here ever and was just going on one persons recommendation. Alyssa worked with me during everything and was so great. The day of the wedding was perfect. The staff was great and made sure I had no worries. Each one of my 200 guest will never forget the wedding at this place. They are still talking about the cocktail hour. I couldnt have asked for a better venue!


Our dream came true the day we walked into il Tulipano! Every step of the way was a breeze with all the help we had from Donald and Gregorio ! They are top notch ! The service the appearance. The food Ohh the food! How amazing ! I couldn't ever imagine spending our special day anywhere else ! My husband and I will never forget how beautiful our day was spending it at il Tulipano ! My bridal attendant , Sunday , was on point all night ! A pleasure and a beauty the venue!


Il Tulipano made our wedding dream become a reality. Gregorio was wonderful. He answered all of our questions and gave us everything we wanted and more. He was very focused on the bride. He also takes the time to go over all of the details. The grounds at il Tulipano are absolutely gorgeous and quite picturesque. The inside is just as beautiful! The food is out of this world! They provide an elaborate cocktail hour and everything is delicious, including their dinner. Their Viennese hour has so many options for dessert. They have an on-sight baker who was able to duplicate a picture of a cake that I found and it came out great. In addition to the amazing food, the staff there is so friendly and the bridal attendant Thea is so sweet and got us everything we needed. Our guests are still talking about the service and the food at our wedding! My husband and I can not express enough about our experience there and wish we could do it all over again. It was the best day of our lives and everything about Il Tulipano was remarkable. We hope we get to experience another wedding there. Thank you Il Tulipano!


Great staff and overall service. They made our day everything we were looking for and more. We fell in love and chose Il Tulipano after seeing it for the first time. Wouldn't have changed a thing!


Amazing place, amazing staff, amazing food! I can't wait to go back as a guest!!


Words cannot express how on the money this place was. This was my first ( and only ) wedding and there sure are alot of things that come up. The bridal attendant and maitre'd were out of this world. I could not even lose them if I tried. They tailed me to make sure I always had a drink in my hand, or even before I would ask them a question they knew what I was going to say and had it taken care of. Now for the food! We did the open buffet, which was spread out all over the room and did not back up at all and no one waited in a line! this was their idea and so many people had said how this was the only wedding they went to where they did not wait in line. The vietenesse hour was just incredible. I saw people with smiles on their faces ear to ear walking out of that room with popcorn, gellato's, and cotton candy. It was truly the best day of my life and I owe alot of it to the staff @ IL Tulipano.

When people tell me it was the best food they have had ever at a wedding, and some even said in their life it just makes me feel good. We are so pleased with our choice of them!


The service at Il Tulipano is outstanding! It has been three weeks since our wedding and my friends are still talking about the food and service! During the wedding, my husband and I were treated like royalty by the staff. Thank you so much for the amazing service, Il Tulipano was the best choice for our big day!


I had my reception at Il Tulipano in April 2014 and it exceeded my expectations x 1000. My husband and I, along with 120 of our family and friends, enjoyed every second of our reception. Everything was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I was treated like a princess and the staff was available for all my needs. The food was AMAZING. Not a single guest had anything bad to say about the food or venue in general. I was planning a NJ wedding from Virginia and Il Tulipano helped with the added stress and anxiety by paying attention to details and helping me feel at ease. I would recommend Il Tulipano to anyone for any function.


From the moment I entered il Tulipano, I knew it was the venue for my dream wedding. Donald greeted me with the biggest smile and made me feel like family right from the start during our first meeting. I didn't take my fiancé and I long to decide that this was the place to start our life together. After booking our event, we absolutely loved being invited a full cocktail and Venetian hour tasting. Donald was always available to assist me whether it was by meeting face to face, by email, and on the phone. Carol was our Mart'd and she was amazing that day and night. Veronica was my bridal attendant and I was so impressed by her attentiveness to my needs as a bride. She knew what I needed before I even realized I needed it! It has been almost three weeks since our wedding and our families and friends are still raving about the food and service. My fiancé and I are still showing the "newlywed glow" and are constantly reminiscing that night. We highly recommend il Tulipano for any special event!


I recently got married and had my reception at il Tulipano. I have no words that can describe how wonderful this venue is and all of the people that work there. Everything was perfect. Perfect! From the day we met Jacque my husband and I knew that this was the where we wanted our wedding. They really get to know us as a couple and made sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it. All of the staff the day of the event were so attentive without being in the way, everyone complimented us on how wonderful everything and everyone was. Our guests are still talking about the food - there was so much and everyone said this was the one wedding where they cleaned their plates! The Viennese hour was amazing too, people are still talking about that as well. We got such beautiful pictures inside and outside. The people were so easy to work with and really made us feel like royalty. I'm sad it's over! Thank you Jacque and everyone at il Tulipano for giving us the wedding of our dreams!


EVERYONE SHOULD GET MARRIED AT IL TULIPANO! We fell in love with the venue from the first time we visited it. The ballroom is elegant and beautiful without being gaudy (like many of the newer venues in NJ). Our guests could not stop talking about the food. We are still receiving compliments weeks after the wedding. It rained on and off on our wedding day and it did not phase us for a second. We had originally planned to have our cocktail hour inside and outside. With the rain, we had it inside only. There was PLENTY of room for our 180 guests to walk around and find seats to eat. The food was constantly being replenished and the displays were stunning. We were waited on hand and foot and the night was a dream come true. We worked with Greg, Jr who was always patient answering any questions we had. We hope we one day get invited back to il Tulipano as guests to a wedding so we can enjoy it all over again!

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My daughter's recent wedding at Il Tulipano was fantastic! The food was incredibly tasty-everything was excellent. The staff is extremely efficient and so attentive. We had many guests from across the country and so many remarked that they had never been to a wedding like this. We were able to take full advantage of the piazza as the weather was a perfect June day. Everyone is so professional yet warm and caring to make the day Perfect for the bride.


To say that Il Tulipano exceeded expectations would still be selling it short -- it was an absolutely amazing experience to have had my wedding reception at this fabulous establishment. Il Tulipano was our very first venue visit after my now-husband and I got engaged, and although we left that day without booking, we were running back no less than two weeks later to book their next available 2014 date, because after visiting a few other venues, it was clear that Il Tulipano was our number one choice. Jacques, our coordinator, was a dream to work with. He was direct and concise, completely informative and answered any and all questions I threw at him, and super flexible, accommodating and far from pushy. On the day of the wedding, we, along with our guests, were completely blown away by their extensive cocktail hour and excellent service, which carried on through dinner and the rest of the night. We still have guests telling us how they were so impressed by the top-quality service they received from the staff. From small details like how glasses were always filled and how plates were covered so as to keep food warm while the guests were up dancing or at the photo booth, to the delicious food and beautiful venue itself, people are still telling us what an amazing time they had at our wedding. In addition, my wedding attendant and maitre d' were excellent and attentive to my husband and me, and made sure we were able to eat. Our friends especially enjoyed the extensive bar and friendly bartenders. From start to finish, Il Tulipano truly made our wedding a memorable night and an unforgettable experience.


What an experience to have a wedding at Il Tulipano!! From the moment we began our planning, to the actual booking, and working out all the details with Donald before the big day; we were so happy overall with the quality of service, professionalism, and attention to detail that Il Tulipano provided us. Every email was answered quickly (and there were many!) and everything was planned to a 'T' with the help of Donald and the staff. On the day of, the bridal attendant and maitre d' were there from the moment we exited the limo to help us get ready for pictures and the ceremony all the way to the end of the night. The entire staff was extremely attentive, realizing our needs before we actually needed them! The venue itself was gorgeous, updated, extremely clean, and perfect for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. All the guests raved about the food; cocktail hour, dinner, and the Viennese hour! I still hear compliments on how great the food was (and how much there was!) and how beautiful the venue was! Overall, the service from Il Tulipano was outstanding and I would recommend it to any bride who is looking for the overall package of quality, beauty, delicious food, and price! Thanks again to all at Il Tulipano for making our wedding day BEAUTIFUL!!


I can't say enough about Il Tulipano, my husband & I had our wedding here this past August 16th, it was the best decision we made. I had found Il Tulipano on a whim when I first got engaged online and I knew it was going to be the venue we chose before even meeting anyone or seeing it in person (I had a gut feeling about it ), so I called to make an apt and got Donald on the phone, when we first met Donald that day we toured the grounds he made us all feel like family that very moment and it was everything I imagined and more in person. The whole duration of the year prior to the wedding was the best time of my life leading up to this, Donald did everything possible leading up to this day to make our day perfect and when I tell you our wedding day was perfect in every way, it was . Thea and Carol that day were my two angels they made sure I had everything needed and helped with anything you could think of. The beauty, elegance, class, food, and the TRADITION are Il Tulipano. Our guests are still raving saying it was the best wedding they ever attended and the food was amazing. It was everything and more to get married here. If you want exceptional food, service and beauty you have all 3 when you book Il Tulipano. If I ever need to book another event they will be my number one always! So thank you to everyone there, especially my Donald for the best day of my life, it truly was dream come true that I will never forget and I will never forget each and everyone of you there!

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I had my wedding at Il Tulipano and I could not be happier with our decision. It was the first place we looked and even though we saw two other places after, we knew that Il Tulipano was the perfect place for us. Everyone is still raving about the food and the service. My mother-in-law attended a wedding there as a guest just a few weeks after ours, and the staff remembered exactly who she was. Everybody we worked with always made us feel welcome and were always around to answer any questions we had. I highly recommend this venue to anyone who is searching for the perfect place to get married!


Our wedding day was everything and more and I couldn't thank the venue enough and Carol and her assistant for making all my dreams possible and allowing the day to move on flawlessly with no mistakes. From the time we arrived at the venue and were taking pictures to the time our ceremony began the day was picture perfect. They were very helpful at making sure my husband and I had full hands on attention and that we were happy. Our friends and family have all told us that it was hands down the best wedding they've ever been too. The food at the cocktail hour will blow you away, everyone was so pleased and the atmosphere of all the rooms at the venue make it worth your while especially since as a bride and groom you are the only ones having a wedding on the day you choose. Thank you Il Tulipano for giving us the most beautiful wedding ever!!!!!


I cannot express how absolutely WONDERFUL Il Tulipano was for our wedding! From the ceremony in the garden to the reception in the ballroom, everything was PERFECT. Greg Jr. is AMAZING- he was so much fun to talk to, understood what I wanted, and made sure my night went exactly how it was supposed to. He was there for the rehearsal as well as the entire wedding night and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made sure that I got everything I wanted done.. he said he would even full these little cones of flowers on the day of the wedding!! (we ended up getting them done earlier, but he really made us feel that he would do absolutely anything for us). The matre D and the other woman were soooooooo helpful. They were there for me, the groom, and even my mom through the whole night. Literally ANYTHING we wanted or needed they were there. The matre d even sewed my dress back together during the reception when it ripped while I was dancing! She held my lip gloss, helped me change from my heels to flip flops like 4 times, and got me w/e I wanted to drink all the time. She also made sure that my husband and I sat down during the cocktail hour and brought us all the food we wanted. She and the other assistant were delightful and SUCH a hugeeeee help. They as well as all of the other staff completely blew my expectations. The food was incredible.. my guests are still raving at how wonderful and delicious everything was. To be honest, most people said it was the best wedding they have been to! It was everything I dreamed of and more!!!!!

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Il tulipano was excellent. Working with them from the beginning to the end and making sure we had everything we needed. The day of the wedding, my bridal attendant Veronica was great. She helped me with anything I needed from the moment I arrived until I left. The food was excellent and our guests are still talking about how great everything was. I highly recommend this venue to anyone.


WOW where to start i have to say i picked the best venue! I would like to thank EVERYONE at il Tulipano for everything they did to make my special day the best day of my life that ill never forget. what an amazing venue. People are still talking about the cocktail hour and dinner. I got married on April 18, 2015 and from the moment the car pulled up to the venue i was pampered. There was a lady waiting for me and stood by me the whole night catered to me for everything. before i was done with a drink she had a new one in my had SHE was AMAZING!!!! If i had to do it all over again no doubt from my mind it would be this venue. Thank you all for making my special day a remembered one. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!

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Il Tulipano is the best place for a wedding! We were so happy that we booked with them. All the guests keep talking about how delicious ALL the food was. Everyone loved their dinner. The viennese hour is amazing and definitely adds to the wedding. There was plenty of room at cocktail hour and the outside patio and grounds were perfect for all of our pictures. The staff was wonderful. I cannot say one bad thing about our whole experience. It will be the best choice you make!


To say that il Tulipano exceeded expectations would still be selling it short  it was an absolutely amazing experience to have had my wedding reception at this fabulous establishment.


Whether getting married outdoors in the beautiful piazza or indoors under a beautiful glass-paned ceiling.. you really can't lose!


The moment my husband and I walked into il Tulipano we were sold. The place has this magical way of making you feel like you are at home. It is so warming and welcoming.